Charlie was a sinner.

Bar with mixed drinks as well as beer and wine. Menu includes a selection of small plates, ranging from Maryland Style "Crab Cakes" to Korean Style Tofu, Potato Croquettes, Tofu and Bean Sausage, and more. Dessert menu as well.

Address: 131 S 13th St Philadelphia, PA
Neighborhood: Gayborhood
Phone: (267) 758-5372
Veg Level: (Vegan) 100% Vegan


Cuisine(s): American Asian Fusion Bar Food
Features: Full Bar Open after 10pm Vegan Desserts Wine

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You MUST Try the Potato Croquettes!

entered by anniefre on Jun. 16, 2016

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I am in love with this place. I have spent a shameful amount of my money either going to the restaurant or ordering in their food from trycaviar. Everything is incredible, but the potato croquettes are now my favorite food in the world, something about their texture, and the chipotle aioli sauce for them is unbelievable. The service has always been incredible, and have been very accomodating to a few allergies that I have. It can get a bit loud and crowded at times, but I think it would be a great place as a bar hangout.

You will not be sorry

entered by mainlinebooker on Sep. 02, 2014

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We loved it so much that our party ordered everything on the menu;we didn't miss a trick. Granted not all were 5 stars but there were enough that were outstanding that it made it all worthwhile. The owner, is so delightful,accommodating and warm and really works hard to make this a place that vegans and non vegans alike will have a good time. The only downside is the decibel level which they are aware of and are working on. We will go back there again and again (and we have!)