Essene Market & Cafe

An independently owned natural foods store featuring an all vegetarian, mostly vegan, hot bar/salad bar buffet with an emphasis on seasonal produce. Hot bar/salad bar is $8.99/lb, and there is a self-bussed cafe seating area.

Address: 719 South 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA
Neighborhood: South Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 922-1146
Veg Level: (Non-Vegetarian) Very Vegan Friendly


Cuisine(s): American Bakery Cafe Fare Salads
Features: Family-friendly Atmosphere Gluten Free Options Takeout Available Smoothies/Juice Bar Vegan Desserts

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Essene is over

entered by cobfvrdk on Jun. 26, 2016

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Sadly, Essene is no longer independently owned. It's now owned by Palm Tree Markets, and the new owners give every indication that Essene is to become just another ordinary grocery store in their chain. The healthy, macrobiotic fare at the deli counter has already been replaced by greasy Asian slop. In the shop, authentic health food brands are being replaced by cheap imitations. Essene was a refuge for vegetarians for four decades. That's all over now.