Magic Carpet Foods (Spruce St.)

Lunchtime food cart between 35th and 36th streets that offers a set menu of dishes with seitan, tofu, tempeh, and veggies in addition of a variety of rotating special meals and wraps. Usually open 11AM to 3PM Monday through Friday.

Address: Spruce and 36th Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Neighborhood: West Philadelphia
Veg Level: (Vegetarian) Vegetarian - Very Vegan Friendly


Cuisine(s): Cafe Fare Falafel Fast Food Greek Mediterranean  Middle Eastern Sweet Treats
Features: Cheap Vegan Cheese Steaks Creative Specials Fake Meat Food Cart Lunch Only (closes before dinner) Sandwiches Vegan Desserts

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Great Place for Quick Lunch

entered by anniefre on Jun. 16, 2016

Atmosphere rating:
Food rating:

I really like this food cart. I wouldn't say the food is amazing, but it's pretty good, and it's nice to have a food cart on campus to drop by for a quick lunch. Every item except the meatballs can be made vegan if you leave cheese off, and so there are a lot of options that are a good size to leave you feeling full. My favorite part about this food cart is their vegan cookies, they usually have two different kinds, and they are the absolute best cookies that I have ever tasted. They aren't too sweet, and they have this wonderful moist texture. The line can get really long sometimes, as it seems to be the most popular food cart in the area, but they always work fast so even a long line doesn't take up too much of your lunch time.