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Love HCV

entered by faith215 on Feb. 15, 2013

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The Hip City Ranch Chicken style sandwich is my favorite thing to order here. I don't often have a need to try to mimic meat, but it's nice that this matches what I'm used to in a chicken sandwich so closely. My least favorite would be the steak. Too chunky for my taste the bread was really dry when I tried it, just not a fan. Yet after trying most of the menu, that was the one thing I disliked. Everything else was awesome.

I don't know if I agree on the atmosphere comments. I believe HCV provides a great atmosphere they're just very successful and a small space doesn't help that. The lines always move quickly when I'm there and anytime I've wanted to stay and eat it's worked out (mind you I NEVER stay to eat during lunch hour on the weekdays) I think an additional location is in order due to this "problem" however:)