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The best chick'n sandwich!

entered by audiovideovegan on Nov. 29, 2017

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My first taste of Hip City Veg was actually at their Washington DC location. That was about a year ago and the memory of the amazingness that is the Crispy Hipcity Ranch sandwich has stuck with me since. Of course, when I recently visited Philly for the first time, I knew a trip to one of the original Hip City Veg locations was in order.

Of course, I ordered the Crispy Hipcity Ranch--a battered chick'n sandwich--and it totally lived up to my memory of it. Seriously, this is one delicious sandwich! Paired with sweet potato fries and a shake, it's a heavenly meal. Their seasonal shake when I went was a pumpkin pie shake, and it pretty much tasted like a blended up slice of pie, so I was happy with it!

This particular location of Hip City Veg is a bit on the small side. It has limited seating and gets crowded quickly. However, it's totally worth it for the great food.

Vegan breakfast!

entered by audiovideovegan on Nov. 28, 2017

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Tried the famous Steve sandwich (marinated tofu served panini style) and it did not disappoint! Great options here for vegan breakfast. They also serve Dottie's Donuts.
The ambiance at this Green Line Cafe is also quite nice, with lovely light from stained glass windows streaming in. Sitting in here with a cup of hot tea is quite pleasant.